International Breweries Plc was incorporated in December 1971 by its founder and first Chairman, Dr. Lawrence Omole under the name International Breweries Limited. The Company commenced production of its flagship product Trophy Lager in December 1978 with an installed capacity of 200,000 hectoliters per annum.


Following the increasing demand for its products, in December 1982 the Company embarked on an expansion programme to increase its capacity to 500,000 hectoliters annually. The company was listed on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in April 1995. Read more











Trophy Lager, also known as ‘Honourable’ has consistently delivered on its promise to give consumer a crisp and refreshing beer experience with very high quality credentials.

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The yeast cells used to brew every bottle of our American-style lager are directly descended from the original culture used by founder Adolphus Busch.

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Hero Lager






The label of our flagship Nigerian beer features a rising sun, intended to inspire people with the promise that anyone can "be a hero" and triumph over adversity.



Castle Lite






Castle Lite is a clean-drinking and refreshing full strength beer with a light, crisp and dry taste.

Eagle Extra  Stout





Eagle Extra Stout is made from the finest of ingredients: malted barley, sorghum, caramel, sucrose, hops and water for a premium stout that thoroughly satisfies.

From the first sip, there's no mistaking the  distinctive and flavourful taste of Eagle Extra Stout, the new favourite for those who demand for quality.

Eagle lager





From the rising of the sun to its setting, the Eagle man sets about his daily hustle and when it's time for self-reward, then its Eagle Time...
It's time to reach for a well-crafted and satisfying Lager, with a refreshingly great taste that is second to none. It's time for Eagle Lager!



Grand Malt






Grand Malt is an award winner of the prestigious international Monde Gold Award for taste and quality.

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Beta Malt






Beta Malt is true malt with fortifying vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


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