Trophy Lager, also known as ‘Honourable’ has consistently delivered on its promise to give consumer a crisp and refreshing beer experience with very high quality credentials.

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The yeast cells used to brew every bottle of our American-style lager are directly descended from the original culture used by founder Adolphus Busch.

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Castle Lite





Castle Lite is a clean-drinking and refreshing full strength beer with a light, crisp and dry taste.

Eagle lager





Eagle Lager is locally sourced in Uganda, helping to create a secure income stream for more than 45,000 small farmers.


Hero Lager






The label of our flagship Nigerian beer features a rising sun, intended to inspire people with the promise that anyone can "be a hero" and triumph over adversity.



Beta Malt






Beta Malt is true malt with fortifying vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


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Grand Malt






Grand Malt is an award winner of the prestigious international Monde Gold Award for taste and quality.

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