5 Tips on How to Avoid Beer Flavor “Fails”


Charles is an Advanced Cicerone (an elite program that centers on beer education – the pinnacle of beer expertise) so he’s truly an expert when it comes to the perfect beer drinking scenario. Here are his five quick tips on how to avoid a scary beer drinking situation this Halloween:

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? – Don’t be! Beer tastes best when it’s stored in a dark place, away from direct sunlight. If it gets too much light exposure, it runs the risk of developing a “skunky” or cannabis-like scent, which we call “Lightstruck”
  • Cold as a Corpse – Storage of beer is crucial to maintaining flavor. Keep it cool – beer stored in warm temps ages faster and develops a stale, cardboard (oxidation) flavor. And at that point, there’s no raising your brew from the dead
  • Don’t Stick It to the Graveyard – Vampires get more powerful with age; beer doesn’t. “Aging” your Budweiser in your basement for 5 years isn’t a great idea. Beer tastes best when it’s fresh – enjoy it before its best by date for peak flavor and refreshment
  • Trick or Treat – Like Halloween and all-things pumpkin, certain things just go together – like beer and food. Be smart with your pairings and keep it simple. Find things in common with what you’re serving and the beer you want to drink, especially from a flavor profile standpoint. Forget white fish paired with a Stout and oysters with an IPA make a sinister combo. However, oysters paired with a stout or white fish with a citrusy Belgian Witbier are a real treat together!